Performance Assessment Development: Curriculum and Learning Environment

First, let me start by saying this has been a very informative and engaging course.   I feel I learned a tremendous amount of new information that I can apply to my current learning context.  I have learned that performance assessment needs to be more student-centered and incorporate more peer and self-assessment to give the learner more ownership of their learning.  After taking this course I feel I will be more deliberate about specific and ongoing feedback with students and creating assessments that truly look at a student’s understanding and their ability to apply what they learn to the real world. Effective assessment needs to be ongoing, and teachers need to provide students with assessment evidence and regular feedback so that students can decide whether to adjust the “learning tactics” they are using currently to assist in their learning as they go along.  Teachers should be partnering with students in assessment, and it should be about enhancing learning, not monitoring it (Stiggins, 2007).   Overall, a great course that will allow me to really improve my practices around assessment and management.

You can find my Presentation here:

Performance assessment development_powerpoint presentation_EDU607


Stiggins, R. (2007) Assessment through the student’s eyes. Education Leadership. 64(8) p. 22-26.