Developing a depth of Understanding: Reflections on EDU510

This course, The Cognitive Science of Teaching and Learning, has certainly made me dig deep and ponder my own current practices.  I have been introduced to many new ideas that I can apply to my own teaching and learning.  The principles we explored are sibrain-bigstock-Brain-Function-with-gears-and-11863580mple in many respects, and if applied correctly can transform the way I can help children stay motivated, engaged and become life long learners.

There are three main connections that have really stuck with me over the course of these many weeks.  First, is the idea of mental representations and how they impact how we learn.

Second, was David Perkins’s book, “Making Learning perkins book-7 principles of teachingWhole: How Seven Principles of Teaching Can Transform Education”, in it’s entirety.





In conclusion,

Please enjoy this video that was helpful to me as a supplemental reference in thinking about the transfer of knowledge, or as Perkins put it “Playing out of town”: