Content Curation

This unit was very interesting and informative as it gave a name, “content curation”,  to what most of us do each day in our busy lives using the internet at work and for social networking.  With so much information on the web, or so many posts on Twitter and Facebook for that matter, it is impossible to read everything.  How can we decipher what is the most relevant or meaningful to us so that we can get the information we need, and choose the right resouces to find it.  Content curation is a great way to do this, either by curating the information yourself and creating a curation page, or using others curation sites as resources on a particular topic.  Creating a curation page can be another great way to continue to put yourself in a leadership position in your field around a particular topic of interest as well.

In the article, “Curating to enhance organization learning”, content curation is decribed as “the act of finding, grouping, organizing or sharing the best and most relevant content on a specific issues” (Kelly, 2013).  This article also keep the process of content curation simple by sharing three simple steps; seek, sense and share.  It further explains that a good curator or curation page has a goal, filters information with the ease of the searcher in mind, and adds value to the material shared (not just simply redistributing it).

The importance and process of curation lies in the fact that in this age of information explosion, where “studies have shown that the amount of digital information available doubles every 18 to 24 months” we need a way to be able to “replace the noise with clarity” (Kelly, 2013).  Content curation allows people a more realistic and valuable way to share resouces with like-minded professionals, from resouces that have already been read and suggested.

For my curation page I reviewed several of the recommended sites and choose Scoop. It! This site was extremely easy to use and I like the newsletter format.  I was able to comment on my posts and change pictures with a few clicks on my mouse.  I reflected back on these last two classes on “digital media” and the ‘future of education” and decided to create a curation page on MakerSpaces, which is part of my “FVE” in my afterschool program.  I thought it would tie into the courses I have already taken and my program goals.

I have begun my curation page and have shared the link below.  I have just received a grant to start creating a MakerSpace in my afterschool program so I have begun to, and will continue doing a lot of research this summer to include article and photos.  I plan to link many of these to my new curation page as resources for myself and others in the field. I’m excited to have this new skill!


Kelly, D. (2013). Curating to Enhance Organizational Learning. T+D, 67(2), 76-77.


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