Future Vision: Education Beyond the Bell

cropped-education-future EDU 505 has been the first step in my journey to obtaining my Master’s of Education degree.  Something I have been considering completing for many years now.  The course has provided me a reflection on the past, and a window of opportunity for the future of education.  From learning about the past and current state of education to planning a real viable vision for my own organization’s future, it has certainly been a very engaging class that has taught me so much.  I enjoyed stretching my skills with technology, learning about current technology trends and researching what technology could really benefit my program and the children we serve.  I know the futuring skills of scanning and scenarios will also be ones that I use in many capacities in the future, whether personally or professionally.  Finally, the leadership, creativity and innovation videos and readings were enlightening and made me really reflect on my own abilities and practices.  I feel my FVE case study is truly a product of all that I have learned in this class and I look forward to sharing it with my organization and seeing come to life!

Please find my FVE paper and presentation below:

PawlikYork EDU 505_FVE education beyond the bell

The Future of Education in the Afterschool Setting

Screen shot of FVE presentation




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