Mind Map

The mind map initially was merely a list of words I associated with the term learning.  As I progressed in the course, I started to associate these words with the true, deeper meaning behind them and learn how all of the pieces fit together.  My predetermined ideas, if you will, now combined with new thoughts and ways to look at the big picture of education.  When I look at the mind map now I can associate each of the words I wrote with a reading, video or discussion board post that encouraged me to use that particular word.  It is a visual to help me remember the important trends, information and ideas that were introduced or confirmed in my coursework.

This simple technique has helped me mind maporganize my thoughts and reflect on them; an organized brainstorm of ideas that is written down for future reference.  Mind maps are also helpful in gaining insight into complex subjects, helping students study, and planning for projects.  I will certainly use the mind map technique as I plan for my 5 year FVE.  Developing it has been a good practice of reflecting on what I have learned and how I can use it in the future in a fun and creative way.  I feel it is truly a representation of some of the ideas that were introduced in the course.


Mind Map (2)



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